Potluck Signup

Sign Up for the Community Potluck Dinner at International Women's Voices Day - Vermont Playwrights Edition!


Send an email to:


with the subject "POTLUCK"

Once Laura adds you to the potluck list, you will receive an email from info@perfectpotluck.com with a link to the online sign-up sheet.

If you prefer to be added off-line, mention that in your email and let Laura know what you would like to bring. She will add you to the online form under her name.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Off Center has a small kitchenette, so please bring things ready to serve. There is a small microwave and we will have an electric kettle, and that is about it for heating things up. We will have power bars to plug in a slow cooker or similar "keep warm" device if you would like to bring one.

The readings are scheduled to begin at 5:00, so please bring your food at 4:45. The food will be set up as a buffet in the large dressing room., and we will be taking eating breaks (courses) throughout the evening.

If you have access to a large event style coffee maker, we would love to borrow one! Also a large tea samovar-ish thing would be helpful.

We are asking everyone to bring their own plate and cutlery, to minimize our environmental footprint, but we will have reusable dishes available as well.