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Complications Company will smash at Wrecking Ball

Get Wrecked!
Coming up on December 17, Complications Company will join artists from across Vermont at Wrecking Ball: F**k 2016
This political cabaret will feature a new short play by Complicator Mary Beth McNulty.  
Wrecking Ball Vermont is being produced and curated by fellow Complicator Laura Roald.  Based on the Canadian Wrecking Ball political theatre tradition director Ross Manson and playwright Jason Sherman in 2004, Wrecking Ball: F**k 2016 brings together creative theatre makers and performers to confront the events and challenges of this past year. 

Coming Soon To Burlington Fringe: Complications Company!
We are premiering two pieces as part of the Burlington Fringe Festival at The Off Center for the Dramatic Arts.  These short plays are a terrific warm-up for our spring show, and we are so happy to be participating in the vibrant Burlington performance community.

Our Shows: Noh, Mommy by Mary Beth McNulty
Thoughts and Prayers by Laura Roald
Stay tuned for more details in September!

Welcome to the Complications Company

We want to build a better play. 
Complications Company breaks ground on our first major project Making Babies and Other Complications.  This series of short plays by Mary Beth McNulty is the ideal pilot project for us to cut our dramaturgical teeth in Vermont new play development.  Since we are a development company, we will be working on script development this fall and winter, and transition into production mode in spring 2017.  We are very excited to share this company premiere in April 2017.